Corporate Video Production in Small Business

Small Business Corporate Video


If you’re running a business, what’s the number one thing you need to do? Some people would say you must have a great product or service, and that’s obviously important, but it’s not much good to you if customers don’t know about it and staff don’t fully understand it. 

You need to be seen and heard – by both your colleagues and your clients. 

There’s a number of ways to communicate to ensure this happens, but only one I know of that can do both things really well for both groups. Video.

Here are a couple of reasons why video reigns supreme in your small business marketing and training.

1. It has the human touch

Your customers and clients will connect with your video because they are seeing real people. When I’m looking to advertise my business, video is my primary choice. It is such a great way to convey your brand and personality in an engaging manner. And really, that is what small business marketing is all about.  

2. People like to watch videos

Videos can be exciting, interesting and far more entertaining. Video contain significantly more potential to capture your audience’s attention and get your message across. Engagement is key to your success in your social media marketing and corporate videos.

3. Gives a face to a brand

Customers – and staff – tend to have more confidence in a brand when it’s associated with a real person they can see and hear. When someone is willing to put their name and face out in front of their business, it instills far more trust. Trust is critical to gaining and retaining customers and staff. 

4. People learn differently 

In video for business, it is important to recognise that your customers learn and take information in differently. Creating videos allows you to cater to both auditory and visual learners in your corporate training videos and small business marketing. 

5. Helps your business stand out

The internet has not only made it easier to search for information; it’s also created a landscape where there are a lot more competitors out there, all selling similar products and services. Video is the best tool you can use to create a point of difference for your business and really stand out.

6. Improve your workplace

When it comes to in-house communications, video can create engagement, boost retention levels, increase productivity, reduce workplace errors and foster a stronger sense of inclusion.


Corporate Video Production

If you are a small business looking to get stuck into social media marketing and content marketing or looking to create corporate training videos or other in-house communications, you don’t need a video marketing company. You can create quality networking videos, corporate training videos and small business marketing videos all on your own. 

If you feel lost and need a hand getting started, our sister company, Activate Ed works with businesses, teaching them how to create content for social media marketing and in-house training. Our online store has gear hand-selected by our industry experts to enhance your business video production, whilst fitting nicely into your budget. Take that money you would spend on one short marketing video and invest into some video equipment and training for your staff.

Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life. Invest in the rod and learn to fish with Activate Ed and Activate Studios.

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